Today we give you a more detailed update on Socium Development.

We are building projects that are setting up "plastic waste" to "advanced bio fuel" production facilities in different locations around the world.

We are currently setting up projects and our target is to be one hundred percent operational in five strategic regions around the world those are Europe Asia Africa South

America and the Middle East.

Per project we are actively converting 1 million kilos plastic waste per month which are

converting into a minimum output production of 500 thousand up to 600 thousand liters per month. Whenever we talk about a project that is exactly what we do.

Today we give more details about some of these projects which are currently being established by the end of the year our target is that in all of these five regions we are going to have fuel oil flowing before we enter into 2021.

Our target as a company is within the next ten years to become a global distributor of advanced fuels and to create and generate sales of more than 1 billion liters of fuel per year and then as a company reach a multi-billion euro valuation during the next 10 years.

We have a lot of connections set-up whom are very excited to get to get started and together with us we are gonna restructure the waste management business.

We all know that there is a plastic pollution problem...

Click on this link and find out more about our proven Plastic Pollution Solution. We welcome you into a home-based purpose driven business that does good for this world, because doing good feels great.


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