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What are 3 things you can do to improve yourself?

Are you thinking stupid shit or saying stupid things out loud? Can you control your thoughts? Try to remember your own words, look at the information you are predicting and watch your reality.

Do you let your emotions or your behavior run your live ?

Your behavior is gonna change your life.

After your goals, communication and attitude are improved, you can add your passion and emotions to reach your all your dreams.


Neutral thinking, without emotion and reflect on your given information.

Is my mind and communication helping myself and others?

Everyone can go forward at a get an A-grade on positive thinking and talking.

After that you can start to educate others to defeat their negative thinking.

Thinking or verbalising negativity is something we have learned and aced.

All whom do not agree, super!

Try if hear if you can make sentences for one day without using the words:

No, Not, Never, Can't, Won't, Don't and all the negative spellings.

When you become helpless you become hopeless

We have to believe that we can influence our future, because we can be better.

Be helpful to yourself and be hopeful

What are 3 things you can do to improve yourself?


1) Be mindful of what you consume

2) reflect on the things that you want to create "Affirmations"

3) adapt your attitude to simply do better

Change is a challenging but the value is precious.

Verbale en Non-verbale Communicatie technieken

Dennis Schoofs


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