According to BBC the United Kingdom sends 2/3 of its total waste abroad... 

The report state that between 2017 and 2018, the UK exported a total of 611 000 000 Kg of plastic packaging.   

Now that is a lot of plastic waste in only one year from only one country...

The most popular dumping destination was China.   In januari 2018 China decided to only accept plastic in a 99.5% pure form.   Now the problem started because almost none of the waste sent by so many countries is 99,5% pure nor clean.  IT'S WASTE!!

Practically non plastic waste is being recycled because most of it has started to degrade or contaminated. So If most plastic waste cannot be recycled there are not much options for the waste management than to store, dump ore incinerated it at any cost.   More than often plastic waste finds its new habitat in rivers, seas and into the oceans all over the world.   

You can google or youtube more info with these keywords: Plastic Ocean.

Up until today the UK keeps exporting their waste abroad and even increased sending more to Malaysia, Turkey and Indonesia, Poland and the Netherlands.

Because of the worldwide increasing demand of plastics products the waste problem keeps increasing.   More and more countries are having the same waste problem and are refusing to accept the Wild Wild West’s Waste. 

It even gets worse: The Philippines and Malaysia started to combine plastic waste with the words  of Elvis Presley: "Plastic Waste | Return To Sender.

These are the facts according to BBC: in 2016 the UK generated 222 900 000 Ton of waste and the export of plastic waste keeps increasing year by year .   

This waste includes 136 200 000 tonnes of construction waste and 27 300 000 tonnes of household waste.

One UK Household waste holds approximate 409 Kg / person / year.

Due to lack of solutions the UK was forced to incinerated 10 800 000 tonnes of waste between 2017 and 2018. There is an annual increase of minimum 700 000 tonnes.


Now there is great news with new technology that can use degraded and contaminated plastic waste and turn this into advanced bio-fuel. The production units already started in Thailand. Discover how your efforts can wake-up this world with proven solutions for plastic pollutions.

Click on  this Ecovo link for details how we can amplify our voices to share this amazing news and bring positive change for this world.

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