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Getuigenis Niels Ramaekers

Dennis Schoofs, thank you my friend, coach, consultant, business partner and mentor.

Thanks to you I am the person who I am today. You are able to change people with your advanced personal transformations.

It’s all about conscious awareness and you teach this through many different categories =

Mindset = I was totally a mess because I didn’t had any type of real focus going on. I was always dabbling around thinking about many different things while doing a task. Now you have set my mind in order for me to create my reality. It’s all starts with the MIND and right now I am totally free on the GRIND !

Emotions = You can really feel people in a deep way because you innerstand & understand yourself. My emotions were a mess and thanks to you I have my emotions more under control but this still is an ongoing process. It’s crazy how I can achieve everything through using my emotions and I didn’t even start using this in the full way. I can’t wait to understand & innerstand more and because of this I am stepping into my real god powers.

Prana Life-force = You have learned me various ways of meditation. The energy I get from doing yoga & meditation is crazy because now I am inhaling happiness, greater energy and vibrant feelings while exhaling sadness disappointment and letting go. Now I am able to connect better with the world around me including my true higher self.

Body Awakening = Right now I am listening more to my body but I wasn’t doing this before I met you. I was feeding myself shit as input so that I means I get shit on the output. We are a soul trapped inside a skin suit and you give us the right nutrition in order for the right output to happen. In this way I am able take care of our body so I can live life in the fullest way.

Blockchain Business = You opened the world of blockchain & crypto in my life. In that way you learned me to do sales, copywriting, coaching plus leadership and so you learned me all the necessary skills to thrive so I can be a live. Right now we are helping the environment while we also get reward for it and this gives a magnificent feeling.

This is what you have already done for me but it’s actually way more.

That’s why I am ready to rock and roll more and more through your advanced personal transformations. I have many more things to learn & earn but thanks to you I am able to make QUANTUM JUMPS in a short period of time.

I highly recommend Dennis Schoofs from UED.NU being your mentor, coach or consultant always ready for love no matter what. Niels Ramaekers 24 september 2022

Universal Energetic Dynamics | UED.Nu

Bewustzijnsverruiming voor jouw Kwantum Groeisprongen.

Professionele integratie van verbale, non verbale en intuïtieve communicatie vaardigheden.

#Mindset #Emotions #Prana Lifeforce #Body Awakening #Purpose Driven Business

☆ Conscious Awareness Coaching

Persoonlijke, Energetische en Zakelijke groeisprongen.

★ Purpose Driven Business Coaching

Meerwaarde bieden voor jezelf, de samenleving en het Collectief.


Energetische heling met bewustzijnsverruiming

Persoonlijke & zakelijke groeisprongen

✔︎ Leren luisteren naar de signalen van het lichaam

✔︎ Jezelf leren weerspiegelen in anderen en in levenssituaties

✔︎ De tekens van het Universum herkennen en erkennen

• verbale, non verbale communicatie

• intuïtieve vaardigheden

• onbewuste patronen

• levensinzichten

• Chakra’s activatie en doorstroming

• je innerlijke kompas volgen voor het vinden van je passie


+ Purposely Unordinary Photoshoots

+ Video Screenplay & Editing

+ Educational Tutorials

+ Marketing Services

+ Graphic Design

+ Copywriting


+ Independent Business Consulting

+ Professionele Relatie Marketing

+ Netwerken & Sales

+ Co Creation Business Coach


Vlaanderen België

📍Sint-Truiden, Limburg

📍Lier, Antwerpen

Claim uw idee nu via www.UED.Nu voor de meerwaarde die je brengt en bent.

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Website www.UED.Nu


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Doe met ons mee zodat ook jij meegroeit met Corsair for a Cleaner Future.

Claim uw idee nu via www.UED.Nu voor de meerwaarde die je brengt en bent.

Mijn naam is Dennis ik ben een mentor in Bewustzijnsverruiming.

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