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Is Plastic Recycling werkelijk één grote leugen?

In februari 2019 kreeg ik een telefoontje van Sanja en ze vroeg me:

"Ken je het probleem van plastic?"

Ik geloofde toen nog dat alles gerecycleerd werd, maar des te meer ik leerde des te meer ik besefte dat we mede vervuiler zijn zelfs al vinden we het niet leuk. Het goede nieuws is dat het telefoontje ging over het verspreiden van talrijke innovatieve oplossingen dankzij sociale media. Iedereen die wil samenwerken kan beloond worden naar inzet.

Is er een werkelijk een plastic afval probleem?

Bekijk deze video van 60 Minutes Australia zodat je kan nadenken of je vervuiler wil blijven of wil samenwerken om mee te werken aan de oplossing door innovatieve oplossingen te delen zodat anderen die in de problemen zitten deze oplossingen kunnen vinden en implementeren in hun gebied.

Klik op deze link voor de video AUSTRALIAN TV : RECYCLING HOAX not so Fantastic

Blijkbaar is het grootste probleem dat er in de voorbijgaande 40 jaren het meeste van onze plastic afval is verkocht, verzonden en gedumpt in de "arme landen".

Zelfs in 2019 er momenteel minder dan 5% van het plastic dat wij krijgen of kopen en weggooien werkelijk gerecycleerd kan worden. Dit wil zeggen dat meer dan 95% plastic afval niet kan of mag gerecyleerd worden omwille van wegetving, procedures, toxines of hoge kosten.

Plastic vervangen kan voor sommige producten toch zal de plastic productie in de komende jaren diverse keren verdubbelen omdat er enorm veel Plastic nodig is om te kunnen voldoen aan de noden van de consumten die het plastic voorwerp krijgen, kopen, gebruiken en weggooien.

Bewuster worden over het vuil dat we weggooien kan onmiddellijke verandering brengen. Kijk en analyseer zelf wat er allemaal van Plastic is gemaakt en hoeveel plastic je weggooit doorheen de dag?

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We live in this wasteful world where the idea of recycling lessens our shame gives us a great feeling when we eliminate our plastic wate by dragging our bins for the people that come to our houses and gather it. We are helping the environment and yet there is a plastic problem. We are being conned says the documentary Australia TV. Australia, just like Europe, America and Russia are stuck in gigantic growing recycling crisis.

Most of us believe it is easy to salvage and reuse plastic but the reality is most of it

gets buned, buried in the ground or dumped in the ocean.

Malaysia, China, Thailand and lot of other countries are 'getting' the world's plastic.

This is not a very pleasant sight to see mountains and mountains of waste but it's not just any garbage this is good old Ozzy rubbish plastic straight from your recycling bin to here just outside of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia has become a toilet for other people's rubbish in fact we are a toilet not surprisingly the locals are none too pleased so please think our rubbish on but this is the dirty truth of the big lie in recycling

Daren Hebron is teaching his six-year-old son James about recycling their household rubbish is important to separate the paper and the plastic but in reality these

days much of it is just a waste of time because you put in the bin most of it ends up in the waste dumps.

Haydon brainy tells it like it is this is not a sexy business.

This plastic rubbish is a pain in the ass it is I just put my hand a paper on

the ceiling he runs a commercial recycling business in South East

Melbourne and every day his warehouse fills up with plastic waste

he can't recycle morally we want to do something forward the default calculate

of it what am I meant to do eat it myself you just what do you do gotta gather tip

so the majority of the plastic just ends up down the tip oh yeah hey official if

I could sell it I would sell it don't worry about that with the amount of plastic in the system it's a big issue is not a huge amount huge system Haden's headache comes from what few realize about australia's recycling industry and that is for the last two decades

it's been dependent on China up until January last year most of our plastic waste was bought and shipped to their factories to be sorted and melted down into new plastic products it was a system that worked well for us and the rest of the Western world until China suddenly closed its doors so the Chinese were the biggest player weren't they

they were taking the vast bulk of our rubbish in Australia absolutely yes it's been a tradition over the last 20 years China has been sucking in resources from around the world and recyclables suggest that they're just another resource Tim Yui is the CEO of the southern Metropolitan Regional Council one of three major recycling facilities in Western Australia this is about half a day's work this is about half a day's worth so the trucks will come here he says when China stopped taking aussi plastic bales of rubbish began piling up across the country not surprisingly our recycling industry couldn't cope when they decided to say no more we're not taking any more of your rubbish well how did that affect us nationally and globally it made a massive impact because the amount of material that was going there there were aren't enough

markets around the rest of the world to take it in.

China had been taking a staggering 125,000 tons of our plastic waste every year recycling companies scoured the world for new buyers they found them in

Southeast Asia Malaysia in particular where hundreds of Chinese operators

relocated setting up illegal factories and buying as much foreign garbage as

they could get their hands on when you throw this stuff into your recycle bin

at home and you think you're doing the right thing you might like to think

again because if you ever needed proof that the system is totally broken look

no further than here in Malaysia where dozens and dozens of these illegal

processing sites mean that your rubbish often just gets dumped buried or even

burned it is a nightmare look at the mess these are illegal rubbish not supposed to be

in Malaysia. Malaysia is now the world's largest importer of plastic rubbish Australia

alone has dumped 71 thousand tonnes of it in the past 12 months this are imported plastic rubbish from overseas from Australia from New Zealand what is call recycling in Australia is not recycling at all look at the mess local lawyer Lee Chi Kwang says Aussie

household rubbish is helping fuel a criminal underworld in plastic recycling he says sites like this one on local farmland are used by illegal operators to dump plastic scraps that they can't make money from it's just one of the many ways these unscrupulous businessman are harming the environment and the people of Malaysia mr. shim is a national shame because this count of sites are scattered nationwide I think the majority of Australians would be horrified to know that their rubbish ends up here it's embarrassing well to Australian please recycle your own please help us by not sending our rubbish to our country it's a big business for those who actually do it illegally Malaysia's Environment Minister yo B in has shut down no less than 150 illegal

factories since July last year but she admits her country is fighting a losing

battle so long as Australia and other Western nations keep sending Malaysia

their waste I really think that everyone should take care of their own rubbish I

must admit I mean I find the scale of this to be quite shocking yeah it's in a

small country like this I mean it's its enormous as nice and we have 400

containers right now in the custom that is a little plastic waste

all classic sways and this is really what I want to do I want to send them

all back to the countries our origin and how to really ask you to solve your own problems you just want to stop it at the port and say take the rubbish back yes

coming up where is all this polluted water going to go the dude thought they used the river for drinking water yeah stopping the dirtbags cashing in on our broken system so this is the final product and why Malaysia has had enough of our garbage so please think our official that's next on 60 minutes as strange as it sounds Australia's problem with plastic waste is best seen in Malaysia that's because it's the current dumping ground for the refuse we refuse to recycle ourselves but now the Malaysians have had enough today state minister moon Zi Han and his enforcement team are raiding an illegal factory fueled by ozzie rubbish. So look at that Lydia fall should you Coolridge that's an Australian brandy.

It's not long before we discover bags and bags of Australian household plastic this rubbish is for sure well there's no doubt about it that's that's all Australian branch.

Inside clandestine factories like this one where our old water bottles and

other plastic packaging ends up being sorted by hand and washed with damaging

chemical where is all this polluted water going to go in the river yeah but

don't they use the river for drinking water yeah

eventually it's melted down into pellets

to make new plastic products so this is

the final pilot product and what did I

do with these pellets they were they can

process it to to make a plastic bag

another type of a product

this illegal plant is shut down but its

closure makes little difference to the

overall problem there are hundreds of

similar factories all across Malaysia

you've shut down a hundred and fifty


illegal plants yes you lie since last

July and yet we have seen in the past

few days yes do a lot more with this

there are dozens more yes not dozens

yeah a lot more the scale is just so big

Malaysia's Environment Minister yo B in

admits her country doesn't have the

resources to police the unlawful trade

in plastic waste so her country has now

joined Vietnam Thailand Indonesia and

India in imposing strict restrictions on

imports and new permits and she warns

it's only the beginning

Malaysia's doors will soon closed on

Australian rubbish for good I do not

blame ordinary Australian I think most

of the people do not know this is

happening but now that we had we know

that this is happening that we need a

solution so now you need our help to

deal with our rubbish that's ironic is

now yeah oh that's quite a shocking

thing to say for a developing country to

have to turn around and say Australia

take back your own rubbish


Malaysia's tough stance means back home

Australia's recycling industry is

running out of options

many waste companies have been

stockpiling unwanted plastic as they

search for new buyers in Asia but it's

no solution for a crisis that grows by

the truckload

do you think when people put their

recycle bin out like this they think

that every bit of its going to be


sure in Melbourne Port Phillip mayor

dick grouse says his council was one of

more than 20 recently affected when

recycling giant skm was forced to close

its gates following several incidents

where stockpiled material caught fire in

a matter of weeks Port Phillip Council

alone sent 650 tonnes of recycled waste

to landfill the community is entitled to

think that everything that goes in the

recycle bin is recycled but it's not is


our councils recycler closed its doors

because it was a fire hazard and in that

time there was recycling going into

landfill and it was a betrayal of what

we aspire to do the betrayal around

Australia runs much deeper than that

these photos taken last week in Victoria

show household plastic stacked three

metres high in the warehouses of

multiple recycling companies

hayden brainy who runs a recycling

business says much of it will likely end

up buried in the ground I would have

thought the public perception is that

when you take that recycle bin to the

curb you think you've done the right


Pontius Pilate watch my hands my friend

it's done oh we know it's in a nice way

so what's the problem I've done the

right thing I've made certain that that

plastic and that inverted commas

recyclable stuff goes in their bin it's

then up to the council state government

federal government regulation do do

something about it and so at the moment

it's a challenge because I think

everyone's put their head under the

donor but they should vision though

because this is Lee isn't isn't this the

most basic of environmental problems

there should be someone in Si Allison

but here can I help you how can I help

you get to the coalface volunteer


the waste industry is really good at

transporting the waste issue is really

good at bailing and they've been really

good at shipping it overseas what we

haven't been good is taking that next

step onshore on here in in Australia

David Hodge is one of the few recyclers

in our country who is actually recycling

plastic this is making an end product

that then gets sold in Australia his

business plastic forests takes the most

contaminated waste you can imagine and

turns it into new plastic products I

think most people in Australia feel lied

to I think they feel disappointed 90

plus percent of people do want to

recycle and they need to be enabled to

be able to do that that's why you know

if we need more businesses like plastic

forests to keep the plastic as plastic

and not just sort of put it in a hole in

the ground why haven't we got more

people doing it here rather than

shipping it offshore we haven't built

the infrastructure we haven't thought

ahead you know there's there's been no

planning there's been no forethought and

now we're here and we're drowning in in



yeah a nation drowning in plastic is

something six-year-old James Hebburn

sees every time he goes to the beach he

does what he can to fix it but it's a

losing battle by the time he grows up

there'll be more plastic in the ocean

than fish when you see that plastic down

the beach what do you think when you see

it on the beach

pick it up what does the plastic do to

the fish kill it really and kill birds

so you think it's pretty dangerous yeah

good job today mate there's another one

hello I'm Liam bartlett thanks for

watching to keep up with the latest from

60 minutes Australia make sure you

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