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Klantervaringen en Samenwerking tussen Dennis Schoofs en Mario Cosmico

Mario Cosmico uses a unique holistic healing modality, which integrates major deep-tissue bodywork techniques with profound knowledge of human anatomy and energy centers for complete life and body transformation. Mario is traveling the globe and reaches more and more people, those that are ready to embrace profound changes within themselves.

We were so glad and honnored to have Mario Sanchez with us for the Body Awakening Workshop.

Every single person had an amazing lifetime experience and yes their lives already changed 😊

If you want some real changes in your life, I highly recommend everyone to experience a workshop with Mario 🤙

Words of all languages are to limited to describe this experience.

We advice to watch the video's below and the emotions will speak for themeselves. Enjoy 💓

Follow things that makes you smile and be the change | Dennis™

Dennis Schoofs


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