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With goals you will get more focus to realize all of them, because when I look at succesful people the worked hard on theirselves to become the person they are.

I like Zig Ziglar when it comes down to reaching our goals.

How to lose weight?

Zig Ziglar says it is by choice because he never accidentally eaten anything, it's always been deliberate and when he chooses to eat too much today at the same time he had chosen to weigh too much tomorrow...

You can choose to set goals and realize your potential or you can choose not to set them. Now if you choose not to set them, you got to understand that the consequences are not going to be good down the road.

With a spelled out a plan of action, setup with a time limit and identified with all of the benefits for me was enough to get my goals became a reality.

If you want something you can use this formula pure and simple.

• you must have goals

• you got to write them down on paper

• you got to put a date on it

• you got to identify all obstacles

• you've got to identify the people you need to work with • you've got to find out what it is you need to know

• you got to develop a plan of action

• you got to write it down 'what's in it for me'

Follow things that makes you smile.


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