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How to break free and build a better future?

Our socio-economic structures have failed us dramatically. The freedom that our forefathers strived for is in danger of being lost forever.

If we wait it only brings more terror and destruction of our countries, our towns and our human potential. Everybody knows that the old system simply does not work for us anymore. We no longer have to work like slaves that enrich the corporations and a few powerful individuals.

We no longer have time to wait silently and hope that someone will do something to stop the assault on our liberties !

Step One : We are sleeping so we need a hard rude Awakening

Follow the Money

Most of the modern society’s mainly use one source of information like television, radio and old fashion newspapers. There is a lot of information witch is true or falls, the only thing we can do is think for ourselves, look at the source of information and see who benefits. “Follow the money”

"It takes money to make money to get rid of money"

Fake News and Fake Information

We believed the lies of books and storytellers and took them for granted, like ignorant little babies. Money no longer has to be a tool to exchange or to keep us into enslavement. Fiat money and every other form of money really has no value at all if you think about it as paper, plastic and digital numbers, it’s only a worldwide agreement made by a few people in our name. Most of the people only work, eat, sleep an repeat this for the rest of their lives trying to survive the daily routines. Today, money is like a drug, an obsession only to pay our bills, and knowing that this was “The plan" many many years ago... makes you wonder !

The greatest trick the devil every pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

The Illusion

Money was introduced to us as a present while it only was a new tool of enslavement. It’s almost impossible to track and trace the supply of money and even more difficult to bring it out. Global banking systems and the elite few have insights how things really work and how they use their power of information to keep us asleep and in control. This is “The control system of the world”. Every decision is made behind closed doors. You don’t have to be smart to know that money can be used to create fear, get rules applied, people bought, so in a gentle sentence: they own everything as one organised legalised crime system. By creating fear and a false sense of security we believe in the false illusion of freedom.

It's all about who controls the information

There are lot of powerful inspirators who have dedicated their lives to bring the truth among the people. It is this spread of information that will bring the change that benefits all humanity. We can use technology and innovation to break-up global fear and money supplies that controles the system.

Step 2 : Getting United

to build a new and better world in harmony with Mother Nature and the entire Collective.

Everyday more and more people are waking-up and realizing reality. In this modern society we can not fight money and it will not be easy to step away from it. Because many people take money for granted although they realize that something is wrong, it’s like a splinter in their mind but they cannot figure out what it is. Thanks to the information available on the internet they understand the true origins of money, why money was created, where it comes from, how badly unequally it is distributed worldwide and how it keeps everyone of us in control. This has been a motivation for people to step outside of their box.


We can free ourselves from this tool of enslavement. Together we can stand-up for this journey to break free. Faster, stronger and better than ever before in history, we can create a new reality for ourselves, by using the tools of enslavement and make them work for us. Technology has been created to control us, but we can use it as a tool of liberation. It’s up to the people to decide what they really want and how they want to use it. That is the most beautiful simple poetic justice that we can share massively. We control self what we eat, what we drink, what we say and what we do.

Work Together

The real question is how do we change the current system into something that works for humanity and that can not be manipulated or controlled ? The system want us to fight for our rights, that will put us in “The opposition”. Instead we will inject the virus of the seed of consciousness into the people, and change their beliefs into something that serves humanity. We need to unify the people for justice for all, for absolute liberty and freedom. We need to make people conscious about the fact that the current system is not working.

®Evolution of Consciousness

This is the time we all have to use our voices and stop greedy corporations and governments with no remorse for their actions by combining our forces and taking the power in our own hands. When everything else fails, its time for fresh tactics and use the shoulders of the common people to unite and create new ways, new systems to build a beautiful life for ourselves and the next generations. Now we can change and turn competition into collaboration. A new society where we all benefit from collective efforts and individual talents. In order to create such an harmonious world, we The People must lead a ®evolution of Consciousness, with solutions, understanding, positivity, happiness and a stream of information so everybody can see all sides of the story.

Unity within Community

This unity started with a simple idea provided through many years of hard effort. A Unity within community where everyone contributes their natural talents and skills for the greater benefit of all. With one main rule: “If it’s not good for everyone, it’s no good at all”. This philosophy is one of the founding principles of the system of Contributionism already active in the world called Ubuntu. They create independed communities that will support and promote creative expression in all areas of our lives – art, culture, science, technology, healthcare, environment, architecture, agriculture, and all other areas of human activity.

Simple Strategy

Our Break-free plan provides a new structure which delivers financial freedom to everyone who wants to participate. Our objectives are very simple and achievable. A simple plan to turn our towns into places of abundance and prosperity for all the people without restrictions on personal growth of the people. Our first focus is to create financial liberty, followed by edification: lead by example and serve as a role-model for other people whom wants to break free anywhere in the world.

Digital ®Evolution

The goal is to achieve freedom and abundance for all. To do so, it is necessary to transition to a society with a primary focus on cooperation rather than capitalism. We trust that the financial freedom of the members will create a higher level of steady income than current employment, allowing the members to free themselves from undesirable “jobs” and commit to more active participation in projects of their choice. Very soon, we will birth a community where we can create, build, grow, invent, invest, and implement anything we desire because the obstacles to progress have been removed from our society. It all begins with: Combining the power of the people with the force of Blockchain technology.


Today it is no longer a theory. People find their way to implement a plan of action that will create a domino effect all over the world. This action will come from the bottom and will reach the top. We will increase our perspective on this world and provide a transparent view of how easily change can happen with our combined efforts. We will keep doing something new until it works and share solutions with others for free.

How to proceed?

  • stop making time for arguing with others

  • start healing personal trauma's until every triggers has lost it power over you

  • remove all form of competition

  • use tools of cooperation and collaboration

  • use innovative technology to benefit the community in full transparency

The Driving Force

To create this New World we need:

  • people that are not fearful nor skeptical

  • people that take up responsibility to bring value to this world

  • people that can heal and improve Conscious Awareness


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