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Reducing Plastic Waste and turning it into Advanced Bio-Fuel seems smart

Mr Saloranta explains the setup of the upcoming project located at Sa Kaeo, Thailand.

"Sustainable Waste to Energy Center"

If all works out as planned, approximate at the end of june 2020, liquid gold will poor out innovative machines in the form of advanced bio-fuel created from worthless plastic waste.

Although this solution for the global plastic waste problem is so effective hardly anyone knows that there is an existing process called pyrolysis that can transform plastic waste back to it's original form: "Refined Oil".

This proven technology is upgraded, updated, highly efficiënt and Eco friendly.

Most people are aware about the plastic problem in the water, air and seas but take it for granted because we more often than not believe that we cannot do something about it. It's just like it is.... We are currently connecting with more and more like-minded people that helps us build a network of entrepreneurs that are eager to fix this worldwide problem.

It seems like we have the power to create a sustainable future and leave a legacy.

Watch the video and learn more about this first project.

let's stay informed and follow their results

Dennis Schoofs



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