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Compleet machteloos. De Chaos van Plastic Afval is onvoorstelbaar.

I went to Thailand for myself and had a hard time talking about what I saw with my own eyes especially with the overwhelming smell. Most governments are not in power to create solutions for these kinds of pollution. Watch this short video to discover what it is all about.

Just like me one year ago, most people are not aware enough about the problems of plastic waste destroying our habitat for ourselves and future generations...

Even If I searched and gathered information about plastic waste killing us softly, I could not believe it that governments would allow it. So I went to Thailand to see it for myself and the facts are more disturbing because at this given moment there simply isn't a solution for our plastic pollution.

Even when we change our mindsets completely and stop buying and using all things made from plastic right now. The disaster will still stay the same because a giant problem with plastic pollution is the decay into micro plastics that finds their way into the ground, the water and into our drinking water....

This short video is one for our dutch, flemish and afrikaans speaking people!

Waarom zijn we hier in Thailand?

Wie zijn we?

Wat doen we?

Hoe kan jij iets veranderen?

Wil je plastic neutraal worden door dit daadkrachtig milieuvriendelijke project te steunen? Contacteer ons en help ons het het verschil maken voor de toekomst van onze kinderen en hun kinderen.



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