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Back to Thailand, where the First of Fifty Polypetron Gen5 is cleaning up 20 Ton's of Plastic Waste every day... day by day.

Let's bring Change and clean up the Planet for our Future Generations.

Now, you have the power to change your mindset and bring change for building a Better World together with us. Follow, Support or Influence others at a fast pace because we have everything with us except Time... Time is Running Out.

One Machine brings a solution for 20000 KG Waste Reduction per day.

day 1 20000KG,...

day 2 40000KG,...

day 3 60000KG,...

day4 80000KG,...

day5 100000KG,...

Every Waste reduction produces Energy and creates added Value for ORTP.

So, do you want to bring change? Then be fast and do it for your family, your friends, the animals, for yourself or for others. Spread this Powerful Story to Clean Up Our Mess.

Des te groter de Verandering des te groter de Opportuniteit.

Er is een Globaal Probleem zonder Globale Oplossing.

Wij hebben de kracht om de planeet op te kuisen en dat is wat we gaan doen.

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