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Sepco Industries joined forces to make an end of the Fight of Plastic Pollution.

Their contractual agreement for investing and building 50 Polypetron Gen5 Modules was signed on the 18h of december 2018.

The facts are: that in a few months of time, the first of fifty Polypetrons was funded, build and is now up and running.

Now everybody can join this Mission where we can help and show the world that we made the impossible possible.

Because of our combined efforts throughout this periode, we now can show the whole world that it's not only possible but more likely probable that we can get rid of all plastic pollution and that it will only get more and more extremely profitable.

You can decide if you want to support this proven concept and indirectly help Mother Nature restore balance for the environment, the animals, our family, yourselve, your friends, the people and our future.

Watch this short video

We are very grateful for this opportunity and to all whom made it possible.

Combining the Force of Blockchain Technology with The Power of the People.

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