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Dennis leert ondernemers om vooruit te kijken en te werken met een Purpose Driven Business Mindset

Wat betekent Purpose Driven Business?

PURPOSE : Zinvol

DRIVEN : Gedreven

BUSINESS : Zaken doen

I met John Jacob at Guatemala. He gave me new insights in coaching for Purpose Drive Business .

He is a practitioner at Agape International Spiritual Center

Director of Marketing and New Business Development bij Rythmia.

Rythmia :Life Advancement Center at Costa Rica

When you want to awaken for mircales, align our business plan to do good and be great at serving these 4 P's:

• 💚 People

• 📈 Profits

• 🦋 Purpose

• 🌱 Planet

RYTHMIA : LIFE ADVANCEMENT CENTER : Let's grow into our Next Level of consciousness. Gerard Armond Powell | Rythmia:

Rythmia is a program fusing ancient wisdom with modern techniques for healing and creating a life You desire.

John Jacob Mubarak: Walking the Path - Freedom in the Grove

Life structures, community, spiritual practices, our ego, relationships, intentions, attitude, chronic limited beliefs, meditation, breathwork, bounderies and much more.

Desch Traveling Lifestyle filled with Teachings & Joy.

Discover more and follow us it might change your future for the better

Dennis Schoofs

Unleash your Corporate Social Responsibility for yourself, for the Community and for the Collective.

Dennis Schoofs

Mentor in Conscious Awareness


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