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Corsair Chemical Recycling produces oil from plastic waste in Europe

Great news for Finland thanks to Corsair for a Cleaner Future! In the city of Jämsä, Finland, the Corsair Chemical Recycling Facility in Kaipola has been actively reducing Finnish plastic waste since the beginning of this month. This positive development has been made possible through the close collaboration between Corsair and the Finnish government, with Corsair's local operational team playing a crucial role in transforming more and more plastic waste into advanced bio-oil.

Corsair Chemical Recycling produces oil at Finland

We are thrilled with the excellent results and the high quality of the produced oil. As part of our overall future strategy, the oil produced in Kaipola will be offered for use in the European petrochemical industry, resulting in an effective circularity model. Here, old plastic waste is transformed into oil, and subsequently, the oil is converted back into new plastic.

From now on, plastic waste is 100% circular. What sets this innovative method apart is that there is no incineration of plastic involved. This leads to significant reductions in carbon emissions compared to traditional plastic waste processing, making a substantial contribution to the long-awaited circular economy. Consider the impact of this mega-change: plastic production continues to rise, and each time it is discarded, it ends up as worthless material in landfills or is incinerated. In 2024, we still see tangible pollution in the air, soil, and water.

The results from Corsair are inspiring more and more people to believe in a brighter future where plastic waste is globally recycled and reused as a raw material, similar to the practices with metal, glass, and paper. This is the future where Corsair plays a crucial global role in restoring Mother Earth through this Plastic Waste Evolution. Invest time in following this positive change.

Dennis Schoofs & Paolo Castelli

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