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Wederkerende inkomens "the parable of the pipeline"

Either we work for a system that works for the owners or...

We build to own a system that works for us.

How van we build a residual stream of income?

Watch this short video and learn the basics of a residual income and the difference in goal-setting and possibilities for the current and future timeline.

Learn the business insights of the story by the book: Parable of Burk Hedges.

One pipeline has more value than thousand paychecks

Today job security is an illusion! We hear a lot about jobs losing their security by automation, digitalization, robotization or by the simple fact: The Internet.

Learning how to grow with innovative technology that works for us is more aligned in the thinking of the 'NOW'.

This means you can decide to make it yours to increase your life standard in the future. Who doesn't want a mobile lifestyle with a system that works for us. In the book: 'The Parable of the Pipeline', Burke Hedges explains how virtually everyone can leverage their ideas, skills, relationships, time and money to become the next self-made millionaire next door.

The conclusion for 2020 is that pipelines of residual income provide the only true security and that is the total secret behind every multi million-dollar fortune.

Looking for your pipeline?

Checkout this business opportunity



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